Echo's Profile: Erin Leguert

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Echo's Profile: Erin Leguert

Post by DestructionlyEchoed on Tue Jul 21, 2015 2:19 am

Feel free to use my profile as an example of whatever you need to know. Thanks! ~Echo

Name: Erin Luguert

In-game Username: Deathslinger X

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: (see picture above)

Biography: Erin is the son a policeman and policewoman. Both of his parents are usually out doing important things concerning their jobs, so Erin is usually left alone at his house all day. He has no siblings or friends to hang out with, so he spends most of his time playing video games. He was lucky enough to sign up as one of Blade Skills Offline's beta testers, and eagerly played the beta for the month it was open. Upon the game's actual release, he took on the new "Enforcer" class unavailable in the beta and spent the first hour learning combos and skills related to his class.
However, he stopped enjoying his time in-game when all players were summoned to the City of Beginnings. When he realized he was trapped inside the game, his first idea was to pool up as much money and resources as possible to keep himself from death. He joins parties as support to fire from the back and aggro enemies that attack the weaker classes. Erin was able to get a lot of money and experience by questing with other players, but as of late he's been soloing most quests and events so that he won't have to split rewards.

Level: 15

Experience until Next Level Up: 700

Gold: 2700

Class: Enforcer

Inventory: 13 HP Potions, 6 MP Potions, 4 Teleporting Scrolls, 7 Roasted Boar Meat, 1 Parfait, Steel Gunblade, Iron Dagger, 5 Fleece

-Name: Velvet Resolve
-Type: Gunblade
-Rarity: Rare
-Material: Dark Tin (Speed-type metal)

-Name: Cave Wanderer Set
-Type: Light
-Rarity: Uncommon
-Material: Fleece/Aluminum Mixture

Precision Shot ~ More accurate shot
Fury Slice ~ Quick slash
Advanced Aiming ~ Even more accurate shot
Lightweighted ~ Quicker movement for 5 seconds
Mini Mortar ~ Rapid fire 2 shots
Recoil Control ~ Mid-distance blast; recoil reduced for 10 seconds if skill kills
Blade Pierce ~ Harder blade slash, but slow

Passive Abilities:
Gunblade Mastery ~ [23/1000]
Brewery ~ [21/1000]
Stealth ~ [17/1000]
Light Armor Crafting ~ [24/1000]
Guncrafting ~ [21/1000]

Attack ~ [17/1000]
Defense ~ [16/1000]
Magic Attack ~ [16/1000]
Magic Defense ~ [15/1000]
Evasion ~ [22/1000]
Agility ~ [20/1000]
Attack Speed ~ [20/1000]

Guild: None



" Wait, you mean we're stuck in this game forever? "

" I was a pretty good shot in real life, but let me tell you; this thing sucks. "

" Do you happen to have any candy on you, by chance? I tend to crave sweet substances. "

" The last monster I killed looked at me the same way bunnies look at me; with fear. "

Theme Song:
Cry for the Truth - By Michi

Erin's Current Weapon:

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