Class: Reaper [BETA TESTER ONLY]

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Class: Reaper [BETA TESTER ONLY]

Post by DestructionlyEchoed on Sun Jul 19, 2015 7:35 pm

A reaper is the darkest source of power in Blade Skills Offline. Wielding giant scythes, reapers will slice through enemies like cloth with the speed of a dagger and the power of a two-handed sword. While quick and powerful, reapers have rather small HP pools. While they can equip heavy armor to protect themselves better, it doesn't erase the fact that they can only take so much damage. However, each and every scythe is equipped with the power to drain an enemy's HP; so as long as a reaper is safe and observant, they can convert up to half of the damage they deal into health to return back to themselves. Still, reapers are a risky class and only veteran MMORPG players should even consider attempting wielding the bloody long blade known as a scythe.

Weapon Types:
One-handed Scythe
Two-handed Scythe

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