Monsters: Floor 1

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Monsters: Floor 1

Post by DestructionlyEchoed on Tue Jul 21, 2015 3:47 pm

This is a list of monsters on Floor 1: Devestation Forest as recorded by scouts and parties who have wandered throughout the floor. Please take note of this information wisely.

HP: 45
EXP: 10
Gold: Up to 50
Item Drop: 20% leather, 5% Iron Dagger
Description: Found all over floor 1, pesky goblins travel solo or in groups of 2-3, harassing newbie players and just being annoying to the higher level players

Wild Pig
HP: 60
EXP: 20
Gold: Up to 50
Item Drop: 10% bone tusk, 10% hide
Description: Wild Pigs, or Boars as players will call them, charge players in their line of sight and attempt to push them over. Harder than goblins and found in plain areas

HP: 30
EXP: 10
Gold: Up to 30
Item Drop: 15% antidote
Description: Slimes travel in groups of 2 in forest/cave areas and are very slow attackers. But melee attackers tend to get their weapons stuck inside these enemies and projectiles are ineffective, so the easiest way to kill these are by magic spells/skills

HP: 65
EXP: 25
Gold: Up to 50
Item Drop: 5% Iron 1H Straight Sword, 5% Wooden Small Shield, 10% bone
Description: Skeletons are tough, sword-and-shield wielding warriors from the undead family. They are really weak to fire and holy attacks, but are quite efficient at blocking melee/projectiles so they prove to be a tough foe

Cave Bat
HP: 15
EXP: 5
Gold: Up to 5
Item Drop: N/A
Description: Cave Bats huddle in colonies of 5-7 and assault travelers who wander through caves. They're annoying as heck as they fly all around but provide decent EXP total if all in a group are killed together

More to come, players will update the bestiary as more monsters are discovered

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