How to Roleplay on this site!

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How to Roleplay on this site!

Post by DestructionlyEchoed on Mon Jul 20, 2015 6:21 pm

I'll make this as simple and understandable as possible. If needed, I'll add more terms and such concerning roleplay elements you'll need to know about. Some things about character profile expectations are also more explained here. Have fun in the wonderful world of reading!

[Making New Posts:] This is how you'll mainly roleplay. You need to have your character approved to roleplay, though. It's simple; create a new topic/thread or whatever you wanna call it under a Floor forum. Everyone will start out at Floor 1: Devestation Forests. Just create the topic and set the scenario of your character, and others will be able to respond and roleplay with you! Earn EXP together, fight together, romance together, idc. When you create a roleplaying topic, I recommend naming it after the scenario in which you want to take place. Also, if you want to limit the amount of people who can participate in your roleplay, feel free to. You may only want two or three people to roleplay with at the time; that's understandable. We don't want things to get out of hand. You administer your own roleplay, so report anyone who breaks the rules or acts rude to you out of character.

[Out of Character:] I just mentioned out of character. Out of character means talking to each other not as your character, but as your actual self. Out of character can be used during roleplays when you need to discuss something to the other roleplayer without playing as your character. To do this, talk in parentheses or double parentheses. There are also some other ways to signal out of character. I'll list some.

(This is out of character)
((This is out of character))
[This is out of character]
[[This is out of character]]
(This is out of character
((This is out of character
[This is out of character
[[This is out of character

Hopefully you get the idea. Message any way like that to signal that you're out of character, and not using your character to talk. This will be the common way you talk to each other without the use of roleplaying; but out of character shouldn't make up roleplay topics. There are things I understand you need to discuss, but focus on the actual roleplay as much as possible. :p

[EXP:] EXP is very important. It's how you level up to equip better gear, fight harder monsters, and advance in the floor dungeons. Keep track of the EXP you get by killing monsters! You may make monsters appear by yourself and use their described drop rate to give yourself a respectable amount of drop loot. The honor system deeply applies in EXP. I don't assume there will be a problem.

[Monsters:] As discussed, monsters will appear at your own will. Bring them in during roleplays when your character needs or wants to fight, but don't bug other players with them. Killing monsters needs to consist of legitimate actions. You can't say "Joey slashes and kills the monster in one hit" and then walk away with your loot just like that. Killing a monster is a bit harder than that. And even at the point where you could one-shot lower leveled monsters, be descriptive about the way you do it. Saying "Joey kicks the monster, making it stumble back as he drives his sword through its center, making it vanish into pixels and drop its items." Something like that is respectable enough. But nobody one shots right away, so don't abuse how you kill monsters. Also, each monster gives a desired amount of EXP and will not be obtained in lower or higher amounts when your character kills them. The exception to this is if a group of monsters appears, and you kill them each. This would add the total EXP of each monster for you to obtain. Such as a group of three goblins; each goblin provides 10 EXP when killed. This means, after killing each goblin, you would have gained a total of 30 EXP, but not 30 EXP each. But the more monsters you fight at a time means the harder the character will have to work to kill them.

[Items and Materials:] Items are basically split into two groups, Consumables and Materials. Consumables consist of potions or food that will vanish once you use them and gain their effect. Using a health potion would make it vanish. Materials are anything you need to craft better gear or items. You may collect these but not use them in battle, as they would be useless anyways. Crafting an item with the desired amount of materials will make the amount of materials vanish once the item or piece of equipment has been made. Keep track of how many items you have, and how you use them.

[Inventory:] Your inventory has no limit, soooo I don't really care how much stuff you carry at a time. But, don't be careless about how much you can have. Nobody will have over 700 friggin potions IN their inventory. Considering it logically, you would be using potions rather quickly if you didn't have a healer. Your gold would also vanish by going to inns. I don't really care how much you make inns charge you to stay, but make it reasonable.

[Gold:] Gold, yay! This is the main currency. Gold is acquired from quests, selling, and more commonly monster slaying. Gold from monsters will have a max and minimum amount obtainable. You may get any amount of gold in between or at those desired amounts, but we can assume it would most likely be in between the min and max, since I've never heard of anyone to obtain a constant 100 gold max drop from a monster. Feel free to alternate the amount of gold you obtain between killing the same monster constantly. (Protip: Get your gold in amounts that are a factor of 5 (5, 10, 15, 20, etc.) Adding 10, 15, and 20 gold would technically be easier than adding 4, 9, and 17 gold. It honestly doesn't matter if you were to get 9 gold instead of 10, but just remember its your job to remember how much you earn.)

[Classes:] Classes are your bread and butter. They make up your character, how they fight, and what skills they use. Healers won't be charging front lines with swords and axes. Keep in check what weapons and skills your class uses. Technically, their are no skills assigned to a class. But, give your class skills equal to what you would EXPECT them to have. Friggin' lancers won't have bow skills and vice versa. A lancer should have lance and attack/defense oriented skills and archers would have something like bow and agility related skills. You may give yourself any skills that require the use of one of your class' respective weapons. Be creative about it; but not overpowered.

[Skills:] On the topic of your skills, you should be creative about it. But not every skill you have will possess the ability to deal triple damage or drain health. The way you balance your skills should be common sense. Maybe a sword skill here, a defense skill there, and a low-chance drain rate skill every now and then. Be responsible about your skills so that you can describe the uniqueness of your character through battle. Your character will gain 1 new skill every 10 levels. You start with 4 skills, so be wise about what they are, as no skill can be replaced by another one unless you get the permit from me or a mod.

[Rarity Levels:] Equipment and items are more useful depending on their rarity. The higher the rarity, the more useful and more harder the item is to find. Rarities scale up from least rare to most rare in this order:

Common - Easiest
Uncommon - Easy
Rare - Hard
Special - Very Hard
Legendary - Insanely Hard
Ace - Lower than low chance

The colors honestly mean nothing. They're just for fun; but hopefully they may help you remember the scale. It can be useful that way. :p

[Passive Abilities:] Passive abilities are not used on the battlefield. At the very least, they aren't used directly. You won't run up to a Minotaur using your cooking. It doesn't make sense. And nobody repairs weapons in the midst of battle... Maybe before a battle, but it isn't like there are anvils everywhere. You start off with 4 passive skills and gain 1 more passive skill every 10 levels until you reach 10 passive skills total. I'll spell it out just to be fair about showing how many passive skills you should have at each level:

Level 1: 4 Passive Skills
Level 10: 5 Passive Skills
Level 20: 6 Passive Skills
Level 30: 7 Passive Skills
Level 40: 8 Passive Skills
Level 50: 9 Passive Skills
Level 60: 10 Passive Skills

So you will stop gaining passive skills at level 60. At level 100, you won't have 14 passive skills. So be wise about which passives you decide to give yourself. You can't have the same passive twice; it won't increase your efficiency in that ability.

Each passive ability once you get it will start at 10/1000 points. Upon every level up, you get 4 ability points to distribute however you want to all of you skills. This doesn't mean 4 points per skill. I'll have another example of how this would look.

Passive Abilities at Level 1:
Heavy Armor Crafting - 10/1000
Cooking - 10/1000
Weapon Repairing - 10/1000
Stealth - 10/1000

Level up to Level 2! Your abilities may now look like:
Heavy Armor Crafting - 12/1000
Cooking - 11/1000
Weapon Repairing - 11/1000
Stealth 10/1000

That means out of the 4 ability points I gained upon level up, I distributed 2 to heavy armor crafting, 1 to cooking, 1 to weapon repairing, and 0 to stealth. So that is an example of how you may want to distribute. Distribute all 4 to one ability, if you'd like. Weapon masteries count as a passive ability, and is recommended you have at least one mastery if you want to get better at using a weapon.

[Stats:] Your stats are quite important. Your stats are spread out into:

Attack: Base attack power
Defense: Base defense against physical attacks
Magic Attack: Base magical attack (includes skill effects and all spells)
Magic Defense: Base defense against magical attacks and spells
Evasion: Base rate of evading attacks
Agility: Base movement speed
Attack Speed: Base speed at which you attack

Upon every level up, you will also gain 4 stat points along with your 4 ability points. All stats ALSO start at 1/1000. So don't get confused; your stat points will only be distributed into your stats and your ability points will only be distributed into your passive abilities. They won't be distributed into each other.

More terms to come. All terms and explanations are prone to but not likely to be changed. Thanks for reading! ~Echo

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