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General Rules

Post by DestructionlyEchoed on Mon Jul 20, 2015 5:39 pm

Ayyy, Echo here. Let's go over some basic rules, just to keep everything nice and fun.

No abuse of other users or mods/admins (unless, of course, it's roleplay related between characters.) You will be banned without warning if you abuse another user.

Roleplay with maturity. Extremely constant profanity will not improve the roleplay; neither will one-shotting enemies or players. Use logic when you roleplay, and make it fair so everyone has a chance to throw in their own sense of imagination.

No sexual themes or images, please. If you would like to do a suggestive roleplay concerning similar junk, please do so privately where nobody can see (PM messages).

There are no problems with romance in general. Hug and kiss, if you'd like... Just don't go into disturbing detail, please.

Speaking of which, private rps may contain whatever you want personally, but they can't relate to characters leveling up or gaining new items. You cannot gain items or EXP through a scenario where nobody can monitor it. If you level up mysteriously or somehow gain new items, there might be a problem.

I don't expect private roleplays to happen a lot. A lot of fun will come from roleplaying with each other. You are welcome to make 1x1 (2 people only) roleplays in the correct roleplaying section, and there you can collect whatever you want; legitimately, of course.

Speaking of legitimacy, let's talk about the "honor system." This is compromised of trusting everyone to fairly manage their own characters. Sooo we will believe everyone when they level up or gain new items/skills. No, this isn't an invitation to do whatever you want. You still have to roleplay how we'd like you too. Keep track of your EXP and items! If you would like to, use your character profile to post and keep track of what you acquire one at a time... But don't spam it by making a new post each and every time something changes. Like "Joey acquired 100 Gold!" and "Joey acquired a new sword!" every couple minutes. But either way, just use your own profile to you advantage (if it is accepted, of course) to keep track of everything you need to. There's bound to be players interested in whats going on in your life, too.

Hopefully by now you're still reading. Roleplaying here won't be as complicated as it may seem. Bottom line; Keep track of EXP, be fair, spend honest amounts of gold and items, and you're good to go!

Any rules that need to be added or more strictly enforced will be taken care of. If you feel a rule concerning yourself or others needs to be added or revised, PM me. We'll all stay safe and comfortable around each other. Thanks for your time! ~Echo

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