The Beginning

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The Beginning

Post by DestructionlyEchoed on Mon Jul 20, 2015 12:24 am

VRMMORPGs (virtual reality massively multiplayer roleplaying games) are a new genre being introduced to the world of tech. In the year 2025, the first fully produced VRMMORPG named "Blade Skills Offline" is published for the virtual reality helmet "Nerve Tech," which goes on your head, puts you to sleep, and then brings you into the world of the video game. Nerve Tech requires a full body check-up to work, so you must feel all over you body and then fill in information about yourself in order for the game to generate you inside. In the game, virtual reality seems even more of a role than you'd even believe. You have full control over your body, and you can move anywhere and any way you want at will. You swing your own weapons and open your own doors. The clicks you'll be doing are menu navigation and item pickups. Virtual reality games are also designed to grant you the ability to perform various skills and abilities that aren't even possible in real life, giving your virtual reality experience an interesting kick Upon the release of Blade Skills Offline, hundreds of thousands wait in line overnight to receive their copy of the much anticipated game.

When the game is finally released, people trip over each other constantly to buy the game. The line is very long, spreading across blocks and through roads, interrupting traffic! After someone buys their game, they frantically hurry home to put on their Nerve Tech helmet and dive into the world of Blade Skills Offline.

Blade Skills Offline features a vivid fantasy world filled with many classes, monsters, weapons, and areas to explore. The motto "you'll never have the same experience twice" seems possible after logging into the game. Upon logging in, the player is prompted to choose a Username and Password. After signing up, they may actually login where they can finally taste their new virtual reality life.

After logging in, the player is given a character model based on their real life appearance, and transferred to the first area of the game on Floor 1: City of Beginnings. Here, the player must enter a temple and choose their class, which will be their main source of power throughout the game. Each class excels in a different form of combat that will be helpful in different situation. Depending on the user's playstyle, they will pick a class and have equipment transferred to their inventory where they may equip it on their avatar.

Users play intensely for two hours, and some try to log out within that time, but they notice there is no "log out" option on their menu. Excusing it as a glitch, everyone simply continues playing and assumes the issue will be fixed soon. However, all the players panic as they are teleported to the middle of the City of Beginnings; a giant fountain where many new players go to chat and form parties. All the users are confused as the sky turns a dark red, signalling the sunset. Suddenly, a large figure appears floating on top of the fountain, startling everyone. The figure clears his throat, an echoing voice ringing throughout the city.

"Greetings, everyone." The figure clings his robe tighter to himself, then proceeding to fold his hands on top of one another. "You must be wondering right now why I have brought you all here to the City of Beginnings. First of all, allow me to apologize for interrupting you during the middle of questing or grinding. I know how time-consuming that can be, so I will make this as quick as possible." He chuckles a bit, his smirking face covered by the shadow that his robe's hood projected. "Most of you probably noticed that you cannot log out by now... Rest assured, this is NOT a glitch. This function was intended." The players spread throughout the street look around at each other, laughing a bit, figuring this was a joke. The hooded man laughed along with them. "Funny, right?... Well, in fact, you might not laugh for what I'm about to say. I am, well, I suppose you could say testing you guys."

At this time, a lot of the players had a look of horror. They slowly began to realize that maybe this booming voice wasn't joking around. Seeing the gazing faces, the strange man spoke up some more. "You ALSO might have recently discovered that being attacked by a monster hurts more than it should in a virtual game. This, of course, was also added purposely. Me and the developing team have done our best to include max realism to Blade Skills Offline." He smiled as he hung his legs over the edge. He snapped his fingers, and then suddenly a notification box appeared in front of every player, announcing an item named the "Mirror of Truth" has appeared in their inventory. "I suggest you all use the item I graciously provided you with inside of your inventory. Without it, living in this world may be a bit harder than you think." Slowly, one by one, players took the item out of their inventory and looked into it, the smooth reflection glowing into their faces. Screams erupted, and beams of light flashed everywhere. The mirrors vanished as each player looked into their item.

In each user's place, a new person stood, looking horrifically back into their mirror. Feeling their own faces and bodies, they realize that their player model has been replaced with a new character model oddly accurate to their real life appearances. "Surprised? I hope so. This item has caused you to take the look of your true self; back in the real world. Now, your time stuck in here should prove more comforting, correct?" He laughs loudly, as more players scream and open their menus to try and log out. "I've told you, you are not able to log out. You are now stuck in this game. The only way for anyone to log out of this game is for each and every one of the 10 floors to be cleared by players." Gasps also erupt as some female players are heard crying. "As long as you work together, you should find it quite easy to overcome the obstacles ahead of you. I'll leave you to it." The man turns around, and starts de-materializing. "Also, one more thing. Don't be careless enough to die in game... Dying will trigger the game to send shock waves through your Nerve Tech and into your brain... Killing you instantly. You won't find yourself waking up in reality ever again. Thank you for your time." He laughs evily as he vanishes into thin air.

Everyone screams. Tripping over each other, players run in every direction running to shops, inns, and the fields just outside of town. You, in particular, stand in place, looking downward at your shaky hands. Was all he that he said true? Who was that man?... Was this truly a survival game? You must try your best.

This could very well be the last game you ever play.

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