What to know about the Baddies

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What to know about the Baddies

Post by DestructionlyEchoed on Sun Jul 19, 2015 11:57 pm

There will be 10 floors total, as opposed to the 100 floors in an unnamed anime similar to our roleplay. However, each floor will be veeeery long, the bosses veeeery difficult, and the contents veeeery different the further into the floor. One floor would be the equivalent of 7-10 floors of the anime's 100. This means enemies will be less harmful at the beginning of a floor and rather deadly at the end of the floor, prompting you to obtain better gear. You can't go through all 10 floors with just starting gear, duh! Read carefully about the monsters and bosses available on each floor so that you don't mess up the loot you spoil from their demise. Boss kills are different, but an admin will be present each boss battle to distribute "generated" loot. Thank you! ~Echo

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