How to Level Up

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How to Level Up

Post by DestructionlyEchoed on Sun Jul 19, 2015 11:42 pm

Leveling will be a simple system; as long as you can add and subtract. Of course there is EXP, and you gain it by killing monsters and completing admin/mod-assigned quests or events. The amount of EXP needed for each level will go as so:

Level 1: 0 EXP
Level 2: 50 EXP
Level 3: 100 EXP
Level 4: 150 EXP
Level 5: 200 EXP
Level 6: 250 EXP
Level 7: 300 EXP
Level 8: 350 EXP
Level 9: 400 EXP
Level 10: 450 EXP
Level 11: 500 EXP
Level 12: 550 EXP
Level 13: 600 EXP
Level 14: 650 EXP
Level 15: 700 EXP

Aaaand so on. I assume you see the pattern. So for level 16, you'd need 750 EXP. And for level 17, you'd need to get 900 EXP, right? Wrong. The amount you'll need will increase another 50 each level up, so you'd need 800 EXP. Don't get this chart wrong; this isn't the amount of TOTAL experience you need to level up. Having a total of 500 EXP won't make you level 11. Every time you level up, you will go back to having 0 EXP. So after gaining 50 EXP, you'll get to level 2, and you'll be reset to 0 EXP and will need to gain 100 EXP to get to level 3. When you reach level 9 your experience will be reset to 0, and you'll need to obtain 450 EXP from that point to get to level 10. Understand? Great!
If you have any questions or concerns, I'm available as always. Sooo, this is how you level up. Please respect it. Earn your EXP through legitimate roleplay. We trust you all. Make sure to check out floor monster lists so you know which monsters you'll find where and how much EXP they give you. Cya! ~Echo

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