How to apply for a Beta Tester

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How to apply for a Beta Tester

Post by DestructionlyEchoed on Sun Jul 19, 2015 10:46 pm

Hey! Right off the bat, let me tell you the requirements you need before you can be accepted as a beta tester.

  • 1. Roleplaying experience and dedication (IMPORTANT!)

  • 2. A good attitude and respect to everyone around you

  • 3. Knowledge of the roleplay's lore, rules, and system

  • 4. The ability to commit to fixing any mistakes you've made

  • 5. Be willing to help those who ask for it (whether it be general help or roleplaying-related questions)

Seems pretty easy, right? I hope so. However, Beta Tester applications aren't and won't always be open. I'm only willing to have so many beta testers for the roleplay. If the community grows I will need more beta testers to even it out. If we happen to get a ton of members in the future (which would be awesome! invite your friends) I only plan to probably have 50-100 beta testers max. But either way, I'll be recruiting like maybe three or four beta testers at a time. There may come a time where if there are a lot of beta tester applications I might have to dismiss some. It's nothing personal, but I may only pay attention to the applications that catch my interest the most. This doesn't mean I'm unimpressed in all the other apps, I am just a time conserving person and try to give those who work hard a better chance. So do good, you guys!
On another note, let's discuss how to actually apply. It would be preferred you apply before posting a character profile, just for your sake, so you won't have to go and redo everything if you get accepted. But if you still want to, I won't stop you. You could always link me to the profile in your app and I can take a look at what your imagination is like. Anyways, fill out the questions below and post them to complete your application:

1. Why do you feel it's important for you to become a beta tester?:

2. How can the community benefit from your choice?:

3. What do you PERSONALLY think the key elements to a good roleplay are?:

That's it. Haha. It may seem like I'm asking a lot for a measly title, but remember if you get accepted I expect good things out of you. I'll trust you to be a leader. I obviously trust everybody, but beta testers should be reliable and there for everyone. And one more thing; any applications posted when I'm not recruiting will be ignored and/or deleted. So please only apply when I need some. Once again, nothing personal if I skip yours over in the future. Ciao. ~Echo

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