Things you should know about the Classes

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Things you should know about the Classes

Post by DestructionlyEchoed on Sun Jul 19, 2015 8:19 pm

Hi! Echo here. Please take note that the weapons your character can equip are limited to those the class can equip. Nothing more, and nothing less. If you have any logical reason that a class should or should not be able to equip a certain weapon, I just please ask you to put up with it. I'm confident I've been fair in weapon choices; so be fair back, please!

Future classes are in consideration. This could include any classes that should have been or could possible be added. If not future classes, than class upgrades will be considered. Upgraded classes wouldn't have access to any new weapons (that I know of) but will be allowed increased abilities and skills in battle, which I'd have to go more in depth with later. You're free to send me class requests, such as names and descriptions, but the possibilities are I won't accept it, and If I do, I'll probably chain off of it and edit the class in my own way. With that said, though, don't be shy to let me know what you think through a PM. I'm not uninterested in your ideas. :p

[BETA TESTER ONLY] classes are strictly that, only for beta testers. Beta testers are a permission given to select users in whom I can trust and rely on to make efficient role-play and uphold rules. Kind of like a mini-moderator, I guess, but without the permissions. Don't get me wrong by thinking that I mean most people have bad roleplaying abilities or anything like that. I'm not dissing any roleplayers. While proper grammar is appreciated, I'm not gonna say "get lost scrub" if a user wanted to apply for beta tester but they miss a punctuation mark or two in roleplaying posts. In relation to that topic, beta tester applications will be available, but there cannot be a mass of beta testers as that would be unfair to the overall legitimacy and enjoyment of the roleplays. And don't get the wrong idea, classes only available to beta testers doesn't mean they're OP and unfair, but rather just another unique option to the classes along with their ability to start at level 15 and some better equipment. By no means does a beta tester have to take on all the privileges that are offered. If a user wanted to apply for a beta tester just so their character could have said title, it wouldn't matter as long as they meet the requirements. But back to the main topic; I just request you don't try to give yourself a class with the [BETA TESTER ONLY] tag. Those classes aren't any better. Sure, they have some perks, but there are even more classes available that can be just as good as long as you roleplay right. So at the same time, don't try to steal any abilities or pros that the beta tester only classes have.

I can't think of much else to say right now, but this topic is definitely prone to change. I'll accept any questions or comments through a PM. Thanks! ~Echo


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